Sunday, March 31, 2013

Well, well, well

On Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, Jack noticed that one of our water tanks was not filling.  A short investigation led to well #1 where the pump had stopped working.  Jack called our well man, Don Vickery, immediately.  Don's crew came out Monday afternoon to pull the pump.  It's 270 feet down & is attached to 20' lengths of pipe.  It takes a crane to pull it up.  The picture is of the wires that go down into the well & communicate with the pump.  Don's crew took only 3 hours to pull up the pump.  After 5 years of use, it had just had enough work.  It was a good thing this happened in March & not July when the trees need the maximum amount of water.  A new pump was ordered on Tuesday morning & installed on Thursday morning.  By lunchtime it was all over.  Jack & I went to Rick's Cafe to celebrate! 

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