Monday, April 26, 2010

Cherries survived bad weather

Late last week we had a storm blow in. One day of cold wind was followed by one day of rain. The cherries had just set & were vulnerable. The cold could kill off the fruit & the rain knock them off the trees. On Saturday, we walked through the orchard to find the cherries in great shape. Most are about 1/8 " long & a lovely green color. There's one more storm due this week, but it should be okay by them. Late season storms can do the worst damage. We were lucky this time. It looks like it will be a nice crop.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apricots about 2 weeks after fruiting.

Cherry blossoms with snowy San Gabriel mountains in the background
Spring came about two weeks early this year. Peach & nectarine trees are covered with blossoms in various shades of pink. Bees are buzzing around, trying to get to every single flower. Apricots & plums have already fruited and if you look carefully, you can see tiny little fruits. Next up are apples & pears. Cherries are the last to blossom, which seems funny since they are the first to ripen. We're enjoying the beauty of spring & looking forward to the bounty of summer.